Activist resources: Research

Corporate Watch

  • Targeting Israeli apartheid: a boycott, divestment and sanctions handbook (Oct 2011), Corporate Watch report (download pdf)
  • Profiting from Occupation: UK and International Companies Complicit in Israeli War Crimes Against Palestinians (Feb 2009), (download pdf)
  • How to research companies: Corporate Watch’s DIY research guide (May 2002), (download pdf)
  • Corporate Watch company profiles:

Who Profits?

  • Dedicated to exposing the commercial involvement of companies in the continuing Israeli control over Palestinian and Syrian land. The project publishes information about these companies, produces in-depth reports and serves as an information center:

Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights

  • “Fear of Fair Trials Fuels the Israeli Offensive Against ‘Lawfare’” – concerning the issuing of arrest warrants and the British legal system. Daniel Machover, (view article)
  • ‘Advice on the Labelling of goods from the Occupied Palestinian Territories’, (download PDF)

Kav LaOved

  • Kav LaOved (Worker’s Hotline) is a nonprofit non governmental organization committed to protecting the rights of disadvantaged workers employed in Israel and by Israelis in the Occupied Territories, including Palestinians, migrant workers, subcontracted workers and new immigrants. Kav LaOved is committed to principles of democracy, equality and international law concerning human and social rights.
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