The Dump Veolia group are UK-based campaigners against Veolia and act as a point of contact for Dump Veolia BDS campaigners in the UK. They aim to provide campaigners with information, assistance, advice, activist tools, legal analysis and factual updates about Veolia and its activities in Occupied Palestine. Email if you need help. To keep track of local campaigns please let the group know when you start one and how it progresses. Brief monthly digest will be produced on campaign progress and relevant developments. Email if you want to be put on the email list to receive it.

The Basics

Veolia is a French multinational involved in waste management, water and transport, with subsidiary companies all over the world. It prides itself on its high ethical standards and respect for the law. Yet its business activities in Jerusalem and the West Bank directly serve Israel’s occupation and its settlements – settlements that are illegal under international law. Veolia is therefore complicit in, and directly profits from, Israel’s ongoing colonisation of Palestinian land that breaches international humanitarian law as expressed in the 4th Geneva Convention.

In summary:

  • Veolia is part of a consortium which operates the Jerusalem Light Railway connecting illegal Israeli settlements to west Jerusalem. Veolia also runs bus routes which connect illegal Israeli settlements to Israel and west Jerusalem.
  • Palestinians are not allowed to use Veolia-operated buses, which connect the illegal Israeli settlements, over substantial lengths of their routes.
  • Veolia’s record on non-discrimination is poor; in 2010 it placed job adverts for the Jerusalem Light Railway which were racist, deliberately worded to discourage Palestinian citizens of Israel from applying for or being eligible for jobs
  • Veolia is involved in taking waste from Israel and illegal Settlements and dumping this on stolen Palestinian land.

The Palestinian Boycott Divestment and Sanctions National Committee has asked people of conscience across the world to boycott Veolia, a call which we endorse.

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Route of the Jerusalem Light Railway (in blue) in relation to the Green Line and the Wall (in red)


Route of the Jerusalem Light Railway in relation to the Green Line, showing stops


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