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Outline, 13 July 2015 

Football boycott of Israel is particularly powerful because it hits straight at the heart of the government’s strategy to present Israel as a normal European state.  It’s not so important that Israel does not figure very prominently in international competitions.  What counts to the Israeli government is that the Israeli flag is seen in FIFA (World football Association) and UEFA (European Football Association) events and listings and that Israel hosts international competitions.  If Israeli teams can be seen playing on European grounds, or if European teams play in Israel, all the better for Israel.

Football has an emotional dimension.  Not only is the sport popular across the Israeli population, but it also fosters a sense of national identity.  So a football boycott will, arguably, make a stronger and wider impact amongst Israeli football supporters than commercial boycott or even cultural boycott.  This will feed through to government.

The Red Card Israeli Racism campaign started in 2011 and has as its overarching objective:

The suspension of the Israeli Football Association (IFA) from UEFA and FIFA until Israel observes international law and respects the human rights of Palestinians.

To actually achieve this objective one of the members associations of UEFA and FIFA must propose Israeli suspension at the relevant annual Congress.  Clearly this is not an easy task in such a conservative environment.

However, RCIR started a major campaign with this objective in March 2014 when it became clear that the Palestinian Football Association (PFA) was taking steps in FIFA to highlight the repression of Palestinian football by Israel.  Finally, in May 2015 the PFA submitted a proposal for suspension of the IFA at the 65th FIFA Congress in Zurich.  It specified five football-related conditions that should be fulfilled before suspension could be lifted.  These included:

  • freedom of movement of Palestinian players,
  • freedom to import football equipment,
  • an IFA clamp-down on racism at Beitar Jerusalem and other israeli clubs,
  • exclusion of settlement teams fro israeli leagues, and
  • recognition of the rights of the PFA to manage its own leagues without interference.

At the last moment this was amended by the PFA to establish a Monitoring Group to ensure that these conditions are fulfilled, rather than demanding suspension,.  The Amendment was passed by a large majority.  This decision was strongly criticised by many Palestinian activist but the PFA felt that it was the only realistic route to take bearing in mind the lack of support amongst FIFA delegates for the original proposal for suspension. However sound the reason for tabling the Amendment, it is important that we now continue to ensure that appropriate action is taken by the Monitoring Group.

Surprisingly, the text of the Amendment was not seen by Congress delegates.  The FIFA president simply read out a few key points.  At the same time a text giving some “suggested solutions” was screened in front of delegates.  This text now appears to be being promoted by FIFA as the text of the Amendment.  These “suggested solutions” weaken the role of the Monitoring Group and omit two of the PFA demands.  The fact that both FIFA and UEFA presidents have actively campaigned against suspension raises great concern.  RCIR will now seek to ensure that the PFA’s Amendment is used as the basis of the Terms of Reference of the Monitoring Group.  If the Israelis fail to act as demanded by the PFA’s Amendment then  and a further proposal for suspension in 2016 is likely.

Prior to 2014/15 RCIR has undertaken some more focussed campaigns to raise public awareness and some details are given below and on the website.  In summary, these are:

  • Ongoing:  leafleting at football grounds during the season
  • 6 September 2015: demonstration at the Wales v Israel match in Cardiff.
  • July 2015.  Petitioning against pre-season friendlies by Norwich and Cardiff teams with Israeli teams.  These are being held in Austria and the Netherlands respectively.
  • 2015: writing to players in the England Women’s Under 19 team participating in the finals tournament in Israel advising them of the racial situation and  suggesting visits to Hebron and Bethlehem.  We have also demanded that no game be played at the Beitar Jerusalem ground, infamous for racist chanting.
  • 2014:  arguing against any of the thirteen EURO 2020 games being scheduled in Jerusalem, successfully.
  • 2013:  arranging a UK tour for Palestinian footballer Mahmoud Sarsak.
  • 2011-13:  demonstrating and arguing against the UEFA Men’s Under 21 finals competition being played in Israel.   Considerable support was achieved amongst leading human rights campaigners, including the late Stephane Hessel, and footballers including Kanoute and fifty others, and there was good press coverage.

As well as the information below, further information and contact details are given on the campaign website: Red Card Israeli Racism


In May 2012, a courageous hunger strike by Palestinian national team player Mahmoud Sarsak, detained in Israel for three years without charge or trial, shone the spotlight on the injustices inflicted on Palestinians by the Israeli state. RCIR was able to enlist support for Sarsak from high profile figures including former Manchester United and France star Eric Cantona. An outcry from international professional footballers’ associations, anti-racism campaigners and even FIFA president Sepp Blatter, procured Sarsak’s release and highlighted the damage done to Palestinian football by Israel ‘s discriminatory policies. (Ingrained discrimination in Israel and the Occupied Territories has been condemned by a United Nations body as violating its prohibition on apartheid

We believe that the human rights abuses suffered by Palestinians at the hands of Israeli authorities are totally unacceptable and need to be countered.

We are all British or Irish members of organisations that strive to support the Palestinian people: PSC (Palestinian Solidarity Campaign), FOA (Friends of Al-Aqsa), JBIG (Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods), BIN (Boycott Israel Network) and BNC (Boycott National Committee, Palestine).

We believe that sporting activities can do much to improve relations between communities.  Yet by admitting Israel to European sporting organisations those organisations directly condone the institutionalised racism in Israel. The Israeli government simply does not conform to European values.  Its apartheid policies should disqualify the Israeli Football Association from membership of UEFA. By trying to cut off Israeli inroads into European sporting activities we believe that we can bring pressure on Israel to drop its racism and apartheid policies and laws. In that way the long term future ofIsrael will be ensured and Arab and Jew can live in mutual respect.

We see our work as part of the wider BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) activity that was formally established by Palestinians in 2005.

Israel has about 60 established or proposed racist laws (see Adalah), half of which have been proposed in the last three years. It encourages widespread discrimination and practices ethnic cleansing and cultural genocide. Therefore it is not surprising that there is a high degree of racism amongst some Israeli citizens and in Israeli football, both in team selection and on the terraces.

More hidden from view is how Israel’s restrictions on Palestinians in the Occupied Territories penalise footballers. The restrictions have meant that often a full team cannot be brought together. In October 2010 Mr Platini acknowledged this problem and made thinly veiled but unofficial threats to expel Israel from UEFA if restrictions were not removed. In January 2011 Palestinian national coach Moussa Bezaz spotlighted these problems on the FIFA website. When the team goes abroad it brings the danger of a member not being re-admitted without internment, as has occurred.  Yet worse, in 2006 Gaza’s stadium was specifically destroyed. In Operation Cast Lead 2008-9 three Palestinian footballers sadly lost their lives.

Yet Israel was admitted to UEFA in 1994 and has its maintained membership ever since.

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