Brighton Sainsburys Demo Photos – Oct 26

Photos from successful demo inside the New England Street (Brighton) Sainsburys on 26th of October.

Protesters filled basket and trolleys with Israeli produce, then explained to shoppers why they were asking them, and Sainsburys to stop buying Israeli goods, making the link with apartheid South Africa clearly and repeatedly.

One of the most noticeable features of the protest was the overwhelming support from shoppers, many of whom thanked them for doing the protest, or said clearly that they supported the protesters. One man who was doing his shopping, who was there when the protest started, stayed throughout, and questioned the manager at length about why they buy Israeli produce. Several other shoppers did the same.

Another shopper said to that she really liked the fact that it was an all women action (not intended, it just happened that way).

Sainsburys staff congregated around the protesters, but didn’t attempt to take their trolleys and baskets away, and weren’t aggressive. One asked about what evidence they had, and seemed satisfied with the clear answer given to him.


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Sainsburs demo Oct 26-01

Sainsburs demo Oct 26-02

Sainsburs demo Oct 26-03

Sainsburs demo Oct 26-04

Sainsburs demo Oct 26-05

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