National Day of Action on SodaStream – Saturday 28 September 2013


National Day of Action on SodaStream – Saturday 28 September 2013


  • We’ve asked PSC branches to identify a key SodaStream stockist in their local area, and to picket/leaflet outside the store on Saturday the 28th of September, as part of a co‐ordinated Day of Action across the UK, with a common message and a common approach. We hope that activist groups not affiliated to PSC will also support the Day of Action.
  • The objective is to broaden and strengthen the current SodaStream campaigns, including the weekly protests outside SodaStream’s own ‘EcoStream’ store in Brighton, and to send a clear message to SodaStream that the campaign is not confined to Brighton or to a single shop.
  • Priority should also be placed on attracting the attention of local and national media.


  • SodaStream opened their first (so‐called ‘flagship’) EcoStream store in Brighton last year. Together with a network of local activists, members of Brighton & Hove PSC have been waging a campaign against the shop since September 2012. We’ve held pickets every Saturday, with additional flash mid‐week pickets much of the time. The location of SodaStream’s main factory on a large Israeli settlement in the West Bank has enabled Brighton campaigners to appeal to a wide range of the public. The campaign has met with a hugely positive response from local people, with hundreds of passers‐by stopping to discuss the issues, sign petitions, volunteer to write letters to the shop and to local politicians, and even join us on the picket. The campaign has also met with an aggressive counter‐protest in support of the shop by local zionists.
  • EcoStream’s production of glossy flyers, campaign videos, and offers of all‐expenses‐paid trips to their West Bank factory (to local MPs, journalists, etc) are all testament to our success. The behaviour of the local zionists shows their desperation to drown out our message. We haven’t yet succeeded in shutting down the shop, but the campaign has provided a really effective focus for raising awareness and recruiting support locally. Recently we have started also to picket other local stockists of Sodastream products, including Robert Dyas and Steamer Trading, and we intend to expand this to other suppliers in Brighton. We know that other groups around the country have been doing the same thing.
  •  We would like to thank everyone from around the country (and from other countries) who’ve been to Brighton to support the pickets.

Plans for the Day of Action on 28 September

  • We hope that activist groups will support the Day of Action by identifying and then targeting one specific SodaStream stockist in their local area. Shops selling SodaStream products include: John Lewis, Argos, Asda, Currys, Tesco, Lakeland, Staples, Robert Dyas, Steamer Trading, Harvey Nichols and many others. You can find stockists in local areas by checking the SodaStream website at We think John Lewis is potentially an important target, in view of their strong ethical trading policies and their divestment from Ahava in 2011, but we leave it to branches to make their own judgement.
  • We ask groups to picket/demonstrate outside the stockist they identify. We suggest a letter handed to managers, and constructive engagement with local shoppers, who would be asked to boycott SodaStream products in the shop, and if they are supportive to ask the manager to ‘Stop Stocking Sodastream’. We can provide sample leaflets and letters to hand in to shops.
  • Banners and placards would also be great! And please take photos for publicity afterwards.
  • As your plans develop, please keep us informed so that we can co‐ordinate press and media coverage. Please email us at

Download: Sodastream general flyer May2013.pdf

Download: Sodastream Gen Call Out 13 Aug.pdf

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