‘Tell Sainsbury’s’ Day: Saturday August 3rd

‘Let’s tell Sainsbury’s what we think’

Monthly day of action: Saturday 3rd August

Call for actions at Sainsbury’s stores across the country. Following the protest on July 10th at Sainsbury’s  AGM, we need to send Sainsbury’s a clear message, that our campaign is growing and that we are calling for them to end trade with companies that profit from the occupation of Palestinian land and the destruction of Palestinian farming communities.

Organise actions at your local Sainsbury’s store. Sainsbury’s promotes itself as the market leader in fair trade. We need to tell them that trading with companies that operate in illegal Israeli settlements is simply not fair.

Sainsbury’s is currently running a survey, inviting us all to tell Sainsbury’s what we think about shopping in their stores. Well, let’s do just that – see www.tellsainsburyssurvey.co.uk.

For more details of the Sainsbury’s campaign, www.sainsburyscampaign.org www.facebook.com/endfarminginjustice

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