World Water Day 2013 Support the Palestinian struggle against water apartheid

Today, Friday 22 March, is World Water Day and an opportunity for us to:

o   learn of the challenges Palestinians under Israeli occupation face in their daily lives when accessing clean water and

o   plan and take action in support of Palestinian water rights.

Key facts from the Palestinian Thirsting for Justice campaign

o   The average Israeli daily consumption per capita (300 litres) is about 4 times the Palestinian average (70 litres) which is well below the 100 litres recommended by the World Health Organisation.  The average daily water consumption in the UK is 150 litres per person.

o   As an Occupying Power, the Israeli government is responsible under International Humanitarian Law for the well-being of Palestinians, including ensuring that they have adequate water supply.  Even though it exercises sovereign control over water resources, the Israeli government has neglected this obligation and prevents the development of water and sanitation infrastructure in the OPT.

o   Israel controls the aquifers underneath the West Bank extracting close to 90 % of their yearly sustainable yield and forbidding Palestinian access to the Jordan River.

o   Some Palestinian communities live with as little as 20 litres of water per person a day. This is barely enough water for their basic needs.

o   Communities depending on tankered water pay up to 4 times more for every litre than those connected to the network, adding strain to their income.

o   About half a million Israelis live in illegal settlements located beside thirsty Palestinian communities. They have unrestricted access to water, well-watered lawns and swimming pools.

o   The majority of the population in Gaza are forced to depend on desalinated water for drinking and cooking purchased from private vendors at a high cost. On average, 8% of a household ěs income in the Gaza Strip is spent on water—twice the globally accepted standard.

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What we can do

o   Organise workshops and teach-ins on highlight the water injustice Palestinians face every day

o   Support the Palestinian Thirsting for Justice campaign

o   Support the Brighton EcoStream campaign and join them on 23rd March for their World Water Day teach-in

o   Take action in our local area/university/work place and get involved in existing campaigns or organise new campaigns and actions against complicit companies Sodastream and Eden Springs

§   The case of Eden Springs Ltd

§   Scottish PSC Eden Springs factsheet

§   Production in Settlements: The Case of SodaStream

§   Sodastream is stocked all over the UK and you can find out your local stockists on the Sodastream website

o   For more information read about existing campaigns against Sodastream and Eden Springs:

§  A win for Palestine solidarity at LaTrobe University

§  The Ecostream Shop Mock Trial

o   Use BIN as a resource!
Complicit companies Eden Springs and Sodastream are already feeling the pressure but the effectiveness of the boycott campaign will only increase when more of us target these same companies in our localities.  Contact BIN at info@boycottisraelnetwork.netand tell us what you need to join / launch a campaign.

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    • Campaign materials
    • Sharing best practice from past & existing campaigns
    • Speakers for workshops & meetings

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