York University Student Union ratifies Palestinian Solidarity Society

In a remarkable U-turn, YUSU ratifies the Palestinian Solidarity Society following a petition launched against Thursday’s original rejection.

The Palestinian Solidarity Society (PSS) has been ratified by YUSU following a petition organised immediately after last Thursday’s original decision to deny the appeal.

The petition, signed by over 140 York students in less than a week, claimed that there were flaws in the way the decision making process took place. It raised the fact that the same panel heard the appeal as the original case which did not follow best practice.

YUSU Student Activities Officer, Chris West, told Vision: “We were grateful for them raising this concern and agreed that natural justice should provide an alternative group of persons to scrutinize and review an initial decision.

“We are delighted to be able to welcome the Palestinian Solidarity Society, along with the three other new societies [Body Gossip, Shakespeare & Wine and Believers Loveworld] and look forward to working with them all in the future.”

West’s reasoning for the initial rejection was over doubts that it “had the potential to develop its members”. At the time, YUSU stated that they “saw the group as more of a campaign as it is focused solely around one goal, rather than the overall objective of member development.”

The U-turn comes as a major surprise, not least to those involved in the initial campaign. Vision published an article on the initial decision which attracted numerous comments expressing anger at YUSU’s decision.

Palestinian Solidarity Committee Press Officer, Josiah Mortimer told Vision: “It is fantastic news that YUSU have overturned their original decision to reject our ratification, and it is testament to the strength of support for us on campus following a hard-fought campaign”.

One second-year politics student added: “Despite having family links to Israel, I still believe that they have the right to be represented and I wish them the best of luck in constructing a solution to create a two-state nation beneficial to all.”

YUSU currently has an equal opportunities policy, in which it explains that it does not allow societies based on discrimination of any type. With already over 180 members on their Facebook group, PSS is hoping this will be the boost they need to increase numbers and support.


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