Israeli Dance Performance Disrupted For Third Night At Sadler’s Wells

NOVEMBER 21 – For the third consecutive night, pro-Palestinian protesters evaded enhanced security checks to mount demonstrations inside Sadler’s Wells theatre where the Batsheva dance ensemble from Israel was performing the last of three London shows. Its tour continues on Friday and Saturday in Plymouth where campaigners have pledged to mount further protests.

Audience members waiting to have their bags and tickets checked were channeled into the theatre in two queues, hemmed in by metal barriers reminiscent of the Israeli checkpoints that restrict movement of Palestinians around the occupied West Bank. The current Israeli onslaught on besieged Gaza, killing more than 160 Palestinians in little more than a week, reinforced protesters’ determination to show their support for Palestinians whose rights have been denied for more than 60 years.

Around 20 minutes in to Wednesday’s performance a Palestinian student from Ramallah, who gave his name as Wael, unfurled a green, white, red and black Palestinian flag and called out: “Stop the ethnic cleansing cleansing of Palestinians.” He said he acted on behalf of people of all faiths living in the territories illegally occupied by Israel.

A second protester, Londoner Georgie Stagg, said she had held up a banner declaring: “Israel dances while Gaza burns”.

“People were sitting watching dancers while the country that sends them is slaughtering innocent Palestinians, stealing their land and bulldozing their home,” she said.

As on Monday and Tuesday, the performance was halted as security staff removed protesters who were greeted with cheers and congratulations by supporters of the Don’t Dance with Israeli Apartheid campaign outside the theatre.

Batsheva Dance demo at Sadler’s Wells

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