Smash EDO! Summer of Resistance…

Citizen’s weapons inspection of EDO

16 July 2012 
1:00 PM – 6:00 PM

EDO MBM, a factory based in Mousleccomb, is involved in the production of weapons components for states such as the US, UK, Saudi Arabia and Israel. These weapons help to fuel the ongoing occupations of Palestine and Afghanistan. The company also manufactures parts for Predator and Reaper unmanned fighter planes which enable the US to fight covert wars in Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. Equipment made by the company will be used should an attack be launched, by the US or Israel, on Iran

There has been a campaign to drive the company out of Brighton for the last eight years involving thousands of people. Since Mayday 2012 Smash EDO have been holding a Summer of Resistance against the factory.

On July 16th we are calling on you to join our Citizen’s Weapons Inspection of EDO.

The meeting point will be announced at a later date.

For updates on the preparations for the demo or to get involved in the Summer of Resistance see, email,

Call 07538093930 for more details

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